William Barton

William Barton (aka Bill Barton) is a Philadelphia Proud Boy. Though he doesn’t appear much in their group photos he appears to have a more active organizing presence within the group.

He can be seen getting drunk in a video with leadership figures like Zach Rehl, Stephen Hartley, and Aaron Wolkind, which Zach uploaded to his Sports, Beer, and Politics facebook page.


William Barton with Zach Rehl. Charles “CJ” Madden and Aaron Wolkind

Judging by the other very active organizers present during that particular video it’s likely that Bill also has some say in the political organizing of the group, as opposed to other members who mostly seem in it for the social aspect. Indeed he was present at their rally on November 17.

It’s your least favorite douchebag Bill showing up to defend Candace Owens at UPenn
Bill at the November 17th rally that was attended by many other Proud Boys.
Bill at Philly Pride 2019

Barton’s last known address is: 709 Northwood Ave CHERRY HILL, NJ 08002